Barista Training for you and your Business

Creating real baristas!

Barista Training for you and your Business

Creating real baristas!

About Tamping & Pouring

Our barista training focuses on teaching people and businesses how to make a great cup of coffee, from the basics of making espresso coffee to high volume techniques to serve multiple coffees efficiently.

Starting from zero. Wonderful experience and training from Tamping & Pouring. I have gained a lot about the necessary knowledge and practical skills.
It’s the perfect starting point. The course provides all the practical knowledge you need to know to make a great coffee. Really liked that they are happy to check the resume and give some advice. Highly recommended to anyone interested in coffee making.

Khuslen Ge

Here's What You Can Learn

How to operate commercial equipment

Coffee recipes

Tamping techniques

Pouring techniques

Grinder adjustment

High volume techniques

Customer service

Reasons to choose
Tamping & Pouring

Learn using commercial equipment

Learn from trainers that are active in the industry

Have the opportunity to learn at cafe

Possibility to gain work experience or access industry placements

Learn the strategies and ways to develop your skills faster

Learn what employers look for to increase your chances of getting a job

Meet the Experts


Matt Lazarus


Sebastian Roldan

Businesses that trust in what we do


Ready for your first class?

I recommend this course, it is very dynamic and I learned a lot. Sebastian is passionate about coffee and he explains very clearly. Beside he has a lot of hospitality experience, so he helped me prepare my CV and gave me advice about hospitality workplaces.

Carolina Briones - Student from Chile


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“Developing your passion for coffee is our goal.”

 - Tamping & Pouring 

Great hands on barista course in fun environment, helpful teaching analogies and just a few people per class.

Mary Smit

Sebastian gave lots of advice about the hospitality workplace which was very helpful in getting a job. He not only was very helpful with teaching how to make coffee but also a great help and support in getting started generally in the hospitality workplace.

Sarah Baldock (Australia)

Today I finished my classes with Sebastian, but it’s just a beginning. I really learned a lot, not just the coffee but also how to find the job, it’s help me a lot. Thank you and I do hope people can enjoy the classes too.

Yimin Zhao (China)

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